Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutters


At Amagwaba Construction our Industrial Roller Shutter Doors are manufactured to client’s specifications and custom made to fit any door size. We use our own qualified fitters.
Roller Shutter Doors and workmanship guaranteed for 12 months on our doors installed by us.
Comprehensive after sale service.
We supply and fit complete Roller Shutter Doors or parts.

Operation Mechanism:

  1. Push up
  2. Chain Drive
  3. Gear Box
  4. Electrical Operated


  1. Galvanized
  2. Epoxy Coated

Door Type:

  1. Solid Galvanized
  2. Perforated
  3. Fanestra
  4. Grill

Locking Device:

  1. Slip Bolts
  2. Bullet Lock
  3. Locking Eyes